Construction of a Swimming Pool (in 6 weeks) Stage 2

Instalation of the Plumbing
Mark out the position of the plumbing work (jets:Skimmers:Lighting etc) and in the case of this Swimming Pool the pipe work for the Heated water Jets.
The Guinte Process begins
Gunite Complete! 
It is now essentials that the Gunite is given 5-7 days to dry before proceeding .
During the drying time keep the Gunite from drying out too quickly by dampening it with a hose pipe 3 time a day . This is to make sure that rapid drying time does not lead to the Gunite cracking.
 Sealing The Gunite with two coats of waterproofing

Sealing The Gunite with two coats of waterproofing

This is not essential as the Gunite is completely waterproof but we always feel as an extra security for a few hours extra work and at little extra cost this will give you that extra piece of mind. This is after all the only time you have this opportunity. 
Adding and forming the shape of the steps
Follow us next week for the next stage of Construction……………………….