Pool Covers

Pool cover

Pool Fix supply and install a wide range of swimming pool covers which are essential if you wish to heat your pool. Covers reduce your water evaporation by up to 60% and can reduce chemical consumption by up to 20% and reduce the risk of algae growth in the pool. A cover used properly can extend your swimming season as the heat built up during day hours is not lost at night.

Our range of hard covers can be mounted at the deep end of the pool either above or below the waterline. The slats for the covers are available in several colours to suit surroundings. We also supply solar slats so that when the cover is on the pool it acts as a solar panel. The solar slats generally keep your pool about 7 degrees warmer than a pool without a cover. Used in conjunction with one of our recommended pool heaters you can save up to 65%in electric or gas energy consumption.

Hard cover installed above the water line

Hard Cover installed below the water line

When fitted in conjunction with our stainless steel handrails and anchorage clips the hard covers can support weight of up to 100 kg ensuring safety for your children when they are playing around the pool area. The covers are operated with a remote control or switch depending on your preference.

Our range of soft covers include solar blankets and high density insulating foam covers. Both of these types are mounted on an aluminium rollers which are fully mobile so can be stored for the summer months when they are not required.