(English) Pool Construction

1. Marking Out

The first job we do in pool construction is marking out the excavation. For this particular pool we were asked to provide a pool big enough for exercise in a confined space. We opted for a 10 metre length by 4 metres wide so as to give the owner a big enough pool for swimming lengths whilst still providing a good sized terrace for relaxation.

Marking Out

2. Excavation

We had very access for this build, a normal driveway. We excavated 75 cubic metres of material in total for this build. Due to the restricted access much of the waste material was lifted out over the villa for disposal. It is essential to have an experienced excavation company for this type of dig. The result, hole dug and no damage to the property.

Excavation finished

3. Hitting Rock

Quite often on the excavation we hit rock. On this build we had to bring the hydraulic chisel for the final metre so we could achieve the right depth for the pool.

Hitting Rock

4. Building the outside wall

Next we build the outside wall giving the basic shape of the finished pool.

Building the outside wall

5. Installation of the Plumbing

Mark out the position of the plumbing work (jets:Skimmers:Lighting etc) and in the case of this Swimming Pool the pipe work for the Heated water Jets.


6. Gunite Process

It is now essentials that the Gunite is given 5-7 days to dry before proceeding .
During the drying time keep the Gunite from drying out too quickly by dampening it with a hose pipe 3 time a day . This is to make sure that rapid drying time does not lead to the Gunite cracking.

Forming the Gunite into your Swimming Pools Shape

7. Tiling

The next stage is to tile the pool to the choice of the client. On this construction the client opted for a dark blue border and step edges to define the steps for entering the pool with a contrasting light blue tile for the rest of the pool.


8. Pump House

Now the pool itself is finished we construct the pump house. On this build the client opted for pool heating, salt system disinfection, and LED coloured lighting.

Pump House

9. Pool Terracing

The terracing around swimming pools is often not considered during the construction. We consider the terrace area an important part of the construction process as this is where you will be spending most of your time when using your pool. Due to the space constraints on this construction we finished the terracing direct to the pool edge to give the client more usable space for sunbathing and relaxing. There are many alternatives and we can advise you on different styles.


10 Pool Finished

Pool finished