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Pool Fix can retro fit various different types of automatic sanitising systems to give you Perfect Water quality all the time. Our range includes Salt Electrolysis systems, UV systems, Chlorine dosing systems and pH and ORP controllers.

Salt Electrolysis Systems – Pool Fix supply and install salt electrolysis systems. Electrolysis systems generate a naturally occurring chlorine from salt that has been previously dissolved in your pool. A concentration of 4-6g per litre is sufficient for system operation which is six times lower than the sea and very similar to saline solutions. Salt systems prevent skin and eye irritations and can in some cases help with medical skin problems. Along with the salt system we can also install automatic pH and ORP controllers which make the disinfection and water balance of your swimming pool fully automatic making the maintenance of your pool far less demanding and giving you perfect water quality all the time.

UV Systems – Ultra Violet Systems kill bacteria, viruses and other organisms by using passing the pool water through a sealed chamber containing a UV light bulb. These systems are normally used in conjunction with other disinfection systems but allow for a much lower use of disinfection products. For example if you have a chlorine pool you can save up to 70% in usage of chlorine by adding a UV System to your existing equipment allowing your swimming experience to be much more pleasant by eliminating the smell of chlorine and irritation to eyes and skin as well as saving you money as well as being kinder to the environment.

Chlorine dosing systems – These systems give you complete control of how much chlorine enters your pool. Unlike chlorine tablets which dissolve depending on water temperature and pump hours, this system allows you to pre set how much chlorine to use depending on pool usage. Once the system detects the that the pool has reached the pre set measurement it stops dosing the pool. When the system detects that the chlorine level has fallen below the desired amount it will automatically cut in to introduce more chlorine to the pool.

pH Controller – pH controllers automatically adjust the pH of your pool to the desired pre set measurement which is between 7.2 and 7.6 for the simple reason that the pH of your eyes is 7.4. This system eliminates the need for you to continually test and adjust the pH yourself and in areas where the water quality is poor will keep the pH of your pool perfect all of the time. Ph is one of the most important parameters of your pool. Incorrect pH can result in skin irritation, stinging eyes and will stop the chemicals you add to your pool working properly. For example chlorine efficiency at the correct pH of 7.4 is 56%, at a pH of 8.2 it is only 16% efficient so provides little disinfection.

ORP Controllers – ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and in practical terms is a measurement of how effectively disinfection agents in your poolsuch as chlorine can kill algae, bacteria and viruses. Used in conjunction with a salt system for example you can totally control the disinfection of your pool automatically.