pool heating

Enjoy your Swimming Pool all year round

Most people enjoy swimming in their pool from June to September where the average water temperature ranges from 27 – 30 degrees which is achieved purely by the heat of the summer sun. A lot of people who use their villas all year round want the ability to use their swimming pool year round. Many people are now opting to heat their pool in the other seasons of the year to allow them to swim all year round.

Average pool temperatures throughout the year on the Costa Blanca

December through to February 10 – 12 degrees

March through to May 14 – 20 degrees

June through to September 22 – 30 degrees

October through to November 18 – 26 degrees

A suitable pool heating system matched to the size of pool and owners swimming requirements can maintain the temperature of your pool 24 – 30 degrees providing a comfortable swimming environment all year round.

Pool Heater installed by Pool Fix in Javea.

Pool Heater installed by Pool Fix in Javea.

Pool Fix are specialists in providing different heating solutions depending on clients requirements and what months of the year they wish to swim. We can you on the best type of heating system depending on your pool size, usage and orientation. We supply and install electric or solar stand alone units or alternatively use your existing heating system of your villa to extend to heating the pool. Heater prices range from around 2000.00€ depending on make and model and are surprisingly economical to run. We offer installations in all local areas including Moraira and Javea.

Pool Heater fitted in Moraira

Pool Heater fitted in Moraira